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☑️ CENTRALIZE your customer data in a single tool
☑️ IDENTIFY your customers at risk with AI
☑️ ACTIVATE the right actions thanks to Playbooks

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We were looking for a CS solution to track the health of our accounts, make us more proactive, and better manage our renewals. We chose Skalin because their UX is top-notch. The tool is easy to use and team communication is good.

Aude D. - Head of Customer Success

In addition to the UI which is particularly pleasant, the ease of appropriation and use is remarkable. In a few days, Skalin has become the essential tool for the management of our CSM activity.

David B. - Head of Customer Success

From the 360° view of our customers to the health score... This is exactly what we were looking for! It was lightning fast to set up because Skalin integrates with our existing tools. In just a few clicks, our platform was up and running!

Fanny B. - COO

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