What is a Customer Health Score?

Published by Nicolas Garmy on
The implementation of a health score is becoming more and more common among SaaS editors. Sometimes limited only to product usage or the feeling of the CSM, the concept is not always well understood. In this article you will find the definition of a Customer Health Score and several good reasons ... Read More

What are the differences between CRM and Customer Success Platform?

Published by Nicolas Garmy on
Originally designed for sales and marketing functions, traditional CRMs are now trying to attract Customer Success teams. Are CRMs good tools for Customer Success? What are the differences between a CRM and a Customer Success Platform? Skalin takes stock of the situation to help you see t... Read More

How to use automated Playbooks to scale your Customer Success?

Published by Nicolas Garmy on
The term "Playbook" has been in vogue at Customer Success in recent years. But what does that really mean? How can you take advantage of playbooks to improve customer success? That's what we'll look at in this article.What is an automated Playbook?... Read More

How to easily set up a Customer Health Score with 4 key metrics?

Published by Nicolas Garmy on
Setting up a Customer Health Score is often considered complex. It can actually be quick and easy with the latest technology and modern AI.Customer health score is an indicator of the customer's health and future loyalty. The lower the score, the greater the ris... Read More
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