SaaS: 5 Tips for Preparing and Maximising your Renewals

Published by Nicolas Garmy on
When examining the customer lifecycle, renewal is often perceived as the final stage to be confirmed with the customer. However, in reality, the groundwork for renewal is laid as early as the onboarding phase. It is developed, tested, and validated throughout the entire customer lifecycle. Here a... Read More

5 ChatGPT use cases in Customer Success (+ associated Prompts)

Published by Nicolas Garmy on
ChatGPT has revolutionised AI accessibility, making it available to a wide audience. In a professional context, it can save you valuable time. However, it is crucial to use it correctly and be aware of its limitations. At Skalin, we conducted extensive testing before integrating it into our Custo... Read More

Skalin, the Alternative to Planhat for SMBs

Published by Nicolas Garmy on
When choosing a Customer Success Platform, it's often a long-term commitment. So it's crucial to make the right choice! If Planhat has piqued your interest, this comparison will help you determine whether Skalin is a viable alternative.... Read More
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