The Customer Success platform built for Startups who want to scale faster.

Skalin calculates your customer health score and alerts you as needed. Your team can be more proactive, save time, and generate more revenue.

It's time for shifting from reactive to proactive!

An all-in-one customer relationships platform

All your customer data accessible on one platform thanks to our native integrations.

Get a 360° view of your Customers

View key information at a glance from your CRM, email, calendar, ticketing system and your application’s back office.

Stay ahead of behaviors with engagement metrics

Identify your platform’s active users, understand what they do and see who is moving away from your product.

Save Time

No more having to log tracking data manually!
Our customers save an average of 4 hours each week.

Health score to prevent churn and boost upselling

Our AI detects threats and business opportunities
within your customer portfolio.

Easily build your healthscore with AI

Our score detects the variables that really matter and automatically calibrates the algorithm for each customer segment.

Customize the model with your own Metrics

Our algorithms can factor in specific business indicators to narrow in on what matters to your users.

Get results fast

Proven results within just 3 weeks of activation.

Tasks and alerts for shifting from reactive to proactive

Our Smart Agent detects changes in the status of your accounts and keeps you in the know.

Easily manage Tasks and Projects

Define your action plans for each stage of the customer lifecycle. Deploy in a few clicks and track progress at a glance.

Be in the know with Custom alerts

Detect risky behaviors and send notifications the way that works for you. Get reminders about key deadlines.

Get predictive Insights and Analytics

Create consistency in your user monitoring, safeguard your future revenue, and reach your targets.


Playbooks for delivering Success at scale

Create clear and repeatable processes to move your customers efficiently through the customer lifecycle.

Proactively manage your customers

Make sure the right actions are delivered to each customer success team member, at the right time.

Standardize your team processes

Prevent team members from reinventing the wheel and manage automatically what needs to happen and when it needs to be done.

Focus on what really needs your attention

Stop spending time on tasks that could be automated. Playbooks let you free up time to work on what really matters.

We integrate with your existing ecosystem

Some of the applications we automatically connect with

Don’t just take our word for it,
see what others are saying about us!

We were looking for a CS solution to track the health of our accounts, make us more proactive, and better manage our renewals. We chose Skalin because their UX is top-notch. The tool is easy to use, and the team communicates well.

Aude - Head of Customer Success, Wizville

Skalin gives us an overview of our portfolio so that we can be much more proactive with our customers. We wanted to build something in-house, but Skalin saved us a lot of time. The platform is awesome!

Charles - Product Director, Netvigie

From the 360° view of our customers to the health score... This is exactly what we were looking for! It was lightning fast to set up because it integrates with our existing tools. In just a few clicks, our platform was up and running!

Fanny-Lou - COO, Equify

Skalin works perfectly with our HubSpot CRM which, by itself, fell short of giving us a clear idea of the health of our accounts and detecting points of concern. The team is receptive to our feedback, and the product is constantly evolving.

Nicolas - Customer Success Engineer, Fasterize

With Skalin, we replaced our Excel spreadsheets with a super user-friendly tool for tracking accounts. Most of the info compiles automatically, which saves the team lots of time and makes my work easier as a manager.

Sandrine - Head of Client Services, GetQuanty

Is Skalin right for you, too?

Meet the next-generation Customer Success platform that prevents churn with AI

Quick to roll out

Thanks to our native connectors, our customers can deploy Skalin in just a few days, with about 2 hours of support from their Product team.

Easy to get started

A simple and intuitive interface without any clutter. Just the opposite of the rather impersonal CRMs we all know!

Friendly support

Our experts are here to help you at every stage of your project, in French and English. Every quarter you vote on the roadmap for moving forward.

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