Experience the future of Customer Success

Skalin helps B2B SaaS better onboard, engage and grow their customers with its 360° view, AI-powered Health Scores and powerful automation capabilities.


All your Customers Success metrics at your fingertips

Unify customers data across your tech stack

Skalin automatically fetches customers data from the tools you're already using - including your SaaS product, CRM and workspace.

Get a true 360° view of your Customers

View customer health, product usage, emails, support request, meetings and revenue data at a glance.


Powerful Health Score to slash your churn rate

Get more with an AI-based health score

Our self-learning algorithms silently mine your customer data and autonomously detect risky behavior.

Save time with pre-configured KPIs

Say goodbye to the clumsy "if-then-that" rules of the past. Our built-in AI works for you from day-one without any setup.

Set priorities based on Data

Identify customers who need your attention. Spend less time guessing and more time helping your customers.

Choose the Best-rated Customer Success Platform!

Skalin is the #1 CS Platform according to G2 & Capterra

Automated Playbooks that bump up team productivity

Build automated workflows in a few clicks

Use in-built templates and fine tune them to do work your way.

Provide best-in-class customer experiences at scale

Prevent team members from reinventing the wheel and manage automatically what needs to happen and when it needs to be done.

Free up your time for high value-added tasks

Leave the repetitive stuff to us. Do more of the work you do best.

Project management for you and your team

See everything the team’s working on in one place

Keep an eye on your team's progress and workload.

Standardize your team processes

Accelerate onboarding & product adoption. Make sure no one misses a step and keep your team rowing in the same direction.

Hit more milestones

Get real-time alerts before deadlines slip and keep work on track.

We integrate seamlessly with your existing tools

Connect your favorite apps with the flip of a switch. It takes minutes and Skalin is ready to go!


Is Skalin right for you?

Meet the next-generation Customer Success platform that prevents churn with AI

Quick to roll out

Thanks to our native connectors, our customers can deploy Skalin in just a few days, with about 2 hours of support from their Product team.

Easy to get started

A simple and intuitive interface without any clutter. Just the opposite of the rather impersonal CRMs we all know!

Friendly support

Our experts are here to help you at every stage of your project, in French and English. Every quarter you vote on the roadmap for moving forward.

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