Playbooks for Customer Onboarding: Fasterize's Approach

Published by Nicolas Garmy on
Are you expanding your Customer Success team to accommodate your continuously growing customer base? While this expansion is a positive development, it also brings the risk of delivering inconsistent experiences to your customers. One effective strategy to mitigate this risk and ensure co... Read More

Implementing a Customer Success Platform: The Case of Data Impact

Published by Nicolas Garmy on
Are your Customer Success Managers struggling with the limitations of your CRM, finding it lacks consolidated data? It might be time to consider subscribing to a Customer Success Platform! However beneficial a dedicated CS tool can be, it's crucial to properly manage its implementation an... Read More

Using NPS as an Activation Tool for Customer Relations

Published by Nicolas Garmy on
The Net Promoter Score (NPS) has solidified its position as a leading metric for evaluating customer satisfaction. Nonetheless, this metric often faces criticism for its lack of actionable insights. To address this concern, Aude, Head of Customer Success at Wizville, offers invaluable gui... Read More

Vertuoza : Automating Customer Journeys to Manage Hypergrowth

Published by Nicolas Garmy on
Vertuoza currently servers 2,500 customers overseen by a dedicated team of around fifteen Customer Success Managers. Impressively, the company's customer number has tripled within just one year, signaling its status as a hyper-growth SaaS enter... Read More

How to manage 1700 customers with 4 CSMs using Playbooks

Published by Anne Gaillard on
+150% of customers in 3 years and an increase in the CSM team of by only 25%, this requires ultra-optimised processes in which Playbooks play a central role. Here is Anne's feedback, Head of Customer Success at Karnott.Can you introduce us to Karnott and y... Read More
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