Top 15 CS Platforms according to Capterra and G2

Top 15 CS Platforms according to Capterra and G2

Customer reviews have placed Skalin in first place in the ranking of the best Customer Success tools in 2023, surpassing major players in the sector. It is the sole French platform featured in the ranking and has also received two badges!


A comparison of the best Customer Success Platforms based on verified user reviews 

The reviews posted on Capterra (Gartner) and G2 can be used to identify users' favorite software. For those unfamiliar, these are sites specialising in B2B customer reviews. They enable users to submit ratings and comments on the tools they use. Individuals seeking a tool can compare platforms to make an informed choice! It's noteworthy that all the reviews on these platforms originate from verified professionals.


For this ranking, we naturally focused on the Customer Success category provided by the two comparison platforms. We compiled the list of the 15 Customer Success Platforms that best represent the current market and compared their ratings. We excluded software positioned in the Customer Success category for opportunistic reasons, which do not truly fit within the definition of a Customer Success Platform (e.g., project management software, ticketing tools, product tours, etc.).


The following platforms were analysed (in alphabetical order): Catalyst, Churn360, Churnzero, ClientSuccess, Custify, CustomerSuccessBox, Freshdesk Success, Gainsight, Planhat, Skalin 🇫🇷, SmartKarrott, StartDeliver, SuccessEve (formerly Salesmachine), Totango, and Vitally. At first glance, it appears we have included all relevant platforms.


We recorded the average scores for each of the Customer Success platforms analysed on Capterra and G2. Subsequently, we calculated the overall average taking into account the number of reviews on each platform to avoid bias towards publishers who favor one platform over another. In other words: (Capterra score out of 5 * number of Capterra reviews + G2 score out of 5 * number of G2 reviews) / (number of Capterra reviews + number of G2 reviews). These measurements were taken on June 16, 2023.


The Customer Success platforms with the highest customer ratings may not be the ones you expect! 

Skalin has been voted as the best Customer Success platform 

With a score of 4.91 out of 5, Skalin has climbed 2 spots in the 2023 rankings to claim the top position! It is the only platform, alongside Totango, to have seen an increase in score since 2021 (+3.8%). And it's the only French player in the mix! Cocorico🐓


Les meilleures Customer Success Platform selon Capterra et G2


The top 3 Customer Success tools are making room for new entrants.

It's interesting to note that the top 3 Customer Success platforms preferred by customers are all companies established less than 5 years ago:

  • Skalin 🇫🇷 (founded in 2020)
  • StartDeliver (founded in 2018)
  • Churn360 (founded in 2020)

These new entrants are disrupting the established order led by incumbent publishers, who, except for Gainsight, are either stagnating or declining in the 2021 rankings. Catalyst and Planhat maintain their positions in 8th and 6th place, respectively. According to customer reviews, Custify and Vitally now rank 4th and 7th, respectively, after experiencing a decrease in scores by more than 4% compared to 2021.


Skalin wins "Best Easy of Use" and "Best Value" awards for the second year in a row

Based on customer reviews and evaluations across various criteria, Capterra once again identifies Skalin as the leader in the "ease of use" and "best value for money" categories for the second consecutive year


Badges Capterra 2023.png


A big thank you to our customers for their ongoing support! It's because of you, of course, that we've secured the top spot in this ranking. We remain committed to maintaining our position at the forefront! 



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