The Customer platform built for Startups who want to scale faster.

Skalin helps CS teams to convert customers' data into action plans and business opportunities.


Today's CS Teams Challenges

No 360° customer vision

Customer data is siloed. CS teams generally have to switch between 3 to 5 different platforms to consolidate a full customer view.

Lack of anticipation

This asynchronous vision does not allow teams to be pro-active. Daily life is often driven by customer emergencies that have not be anticipated.

Missed opportunities

Teams spend more time putting out fires than setting account policies. Retention and upsell are not effective.

How Skalin can Help?

All customers' Data in one place

Everything has been designed to automate data collection and analysis. Manual entry is limited to a minimum.


Emails, calls and meetings with your customers are logged automatically. Add your notes and feeling. That's it.

Product usage

Be aware of which users are active on your platform and
detect those who are moving away from it.

Contract information

All contractual information is natively integrated into the platform.

Health Score for every customer

Our algorithm is designed to be activated immediatly.

No setup needed

The IA detects what really matters and automatically calibrates according to your customers' data.

Easily customizable

Choose the weight of each criteria and define the groups of customers you want to compare.

Actionable Insights

What you need to run a business. No less, no more.

Prioritize your efforts

Identify customers at risk and those with potential, act accordingly.

Evaluate your performance

Evaluate where you are according to the goals you set for each account and for your entire portfolio.

Facilitate teamwork

Easily share your account strategies with the whole team.
Give visibility to your CEO, effortlessly.

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